The Birmingham Badminton League is an amateur league designed to provide fun, exercise and competition for players in Birmingham and the surrounding areas. We don’t use umpires, services judges or line judges and expect all players to play fairly and treat all others (including non playing members of the public who may be present) with politeness, courtesy and as they would expect to be treated.

We hope you like it. Here you will able to find clubs in the Birmingham area if you are new to badminton or looking for a local club to play at, but League members are now able to get instant access to: match venue information, fixture lists, player registration forms, score card templates, committee information, current league tables, and more!

2022-2023 season

The 2022-2023 season will start soon. ALL players need to be registered BEFORE playing in matches, and all the information regarding dates for this is in the handbook. Don’t forget to take a copy of the Rules with you to matches – it will hopefully avoid any arguments! The handbook and rules are available to member clubs on the ‘The League’ page.

New to the area, and want to join a Club to play competitively?

Click on the ‘Clubs’ tab above to find one in your local area and contact the Club direct. The League tables will help you to see which divisions teams are in if you want to know what standard they are.

Beginners – check out our ‘Clubs’ page

If you’re a beginner and want to have a go at this fun sport, we’ve added some new information on clubs and who to contact to get you started. Have a look on the ‘Our League’ page. We’d love you to get in touch and have a go for yourself!

We hope you find the information helpful.